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Automate India 5.0

India aims to become a preferred manufacturing hub and be globally competitive. Vision for Digital India has transformed the trade and payment landscape. A Bottom up approach paves way to Automate India going beyond Industrial Revolution 4.0 for manufacturing and other industries to harness automation and analytics for real time information driven production and business process contributing to GDP and equating with global competitiveness. The Industrial Automation Industry in India projected is expected to touch $3.49 billion by 2020.

Automation control systems in discrete manufacturing processes have enhanced the operations process leading to sustainable development. In the process industry, automation control systems synchronize manufacturing tasks, monitor inventory movements, ensure security, and enhance quality.These systems record the history of production, collect data about components that need to meet regulatory requirements, and organize information about warranties and returns. UBM India’s Industrial Automation 5.0 is dedicated to convene trailblaizng leaders and visionaries who are contributing to Automate India
For a sustainable growth in global markets, the lower end of the value chain must evolve with higher technology and intelligent manufacturing and production.

What keeps you awake at night?

Buzzwords like additive manufacturing, RPA, AI, ML pressurizing your decision making

Finding your Industrial infrastructure to sustain the demands of cyber resilience in your automation

RoI, Quality or Labor regulations? Need for regulations for AI framework in Industrial setup

Bottlenecks in Process?


Key Features

  • 1 on 1 ConnectX- Stimulating conversation to make an impression
  • Curated Focused Panel and Think Tanks from torch bearers and pioneers in the disruptors of Industrial Automation
  • 20+ Industry Stalwarts
  • C- Think Tank- IT and OPEX Chiefs in one
  • Investment Landscape: Relieve your perceived challenges to embrace the future
  • Challenge mapping- Connect the concerned area to correct for achieving operational excellence
  • Huddle session for likeminded people to share their experience
  • Storytelling: Experts Excerpts
  • Executive Debates & Driven discussions
  • IA Toolkit Tech Talks
  • Experiential Showcase: Best in class services & products to match your IA strategy

Who Should Attend?


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